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The sculpture of Ashtamudi Lake – My idea becomes a reality.

The beauty and strength of any sculpture depends on the medium used to create it. The material I have used to create the sculpture of this lake includes 2156 photographs. Consisting of the depth, breadth, life, pulse and beauty of the lake.

The Ashtamudi Lake is one which has exerted strong influence in the artistic, cultural and revolutionary spheres of Kerala. The lake which in itself is a fusion of eight small lakes compared with other lakes amazes the onlooker by its lurning beauty.

The selected 2156 photographs are a collection of my experiences through the shore and water of the Ashtamudi Lake. This sculpture is my pilgrimage through the greate Ashtamudi lake.

By the term ‘Sculpture’ what I mean here is not a small three dimensional form as thought of by ordinary people. It is a sculpture of a three dimensional nature of a big lake and its surroundings landscape being the all in all if a culture, a country and a people. It is an ultra modern version of installation sculpture."sculptor: Guruprasad Ayyappan